Nicky Runs Marathon in Tribute to Mesowarrior Best Friend


Hello Nicky,


We are absolutely thrilled that you’ve decided to run the London Marathon for Erase Meso.

What prompted you to do this?

I ran my first marathon (Paris) last year and ran for Mesothelioma UK. My friend from university days had been diagnosed with Mesothelioma in 2017 and I wanted to do something to help raise funds for research. During the year Erase Meso started following me on Instagram and I liked your story and ethos - hence me choosing to raise funds for you this time around!

Can you tell us a bit more about Katherine.. What was she like?

When was she diagnosed, at what age.. and what was her experience..?

Katherine was an amazing friend and an inspirational lady. Always smiling, always hopeful. She had had a sarcoma in her leg several years ago and so was scanned from time to time due to this. She was feeling absolutely fine but at a scan, something was noted on her lung. Further testing revealed mesothelioma. It was devastating - even more so once we all knew how awful this disease is. (To be completely honest, I’d never heard of it until Katherine’s diagnosis). Katherine was 47 when she was diagnosed. She endured two rounds of chemotherapy and a pleurectomy. She was so brave throughout and so positive but sadly she died 2 years after diagnosis.

How do you think she’d feel about you doing this for meso research funds?

She’d be thrilled and proud (and probably think I was mad due to how hard I found it last time!)

If there was one piece of advice you think she’d give you for the run, what do you think it would be?

Enjoy it.

(And back to you, Nicky..)

What’s your background?

Well I’ve always been sporty but wouldn’t have called myself a runner - before training for the marathon I was definitely more of a gym bunny - but I’ve learned to love it. For work, I’ve always been in PR/marketing and I currently run my own company, working with clients from mainly health and beauty industries. (In fact, Katherine’s daughter worked with me for some time and we both ran a half marathon together last year to raise money for mesothelioma research).

How’s the training going.. and how do you motivate yourself??

Training is going well. I have two lovely friends I run with and my gorgeous dog, Ted! They keep me motivated and of course having the ability to complete the marathon keeps me motivated. I HAVE TO do this!

What hurdles will you face over the 26 miles?

Despite all the other runners around me, running without anyone to talk to can be hard - it can feel very lonely! Obviously there will be physical pain and tiredness and the dreaded “wall” and of course, there’ll be the sadness that Katherine is gone, but i know she’ll be smiling down cheering me on

How will you feel when you finish?

Absolutely thrilled and relieved.

What do you want to result from your challenge?

I want to raise more awareness of mesothelioma and as much money as possible for Erase Meso.

Are you interested in joining #teamerasemeso? 

We desperately need help in areas of EVENT MANAGEMENT and MARKETING.

If you have marketing experience or fancy lending a hand with events and can spare a day of your time or even a couple of hours a week, we would love to hear from you. 

All of our roles are voluntary but we have a lot of fun here and all money raised goes directly to research.

Please, please email for more details or a chat..

Total as at December 18th, 2019.
Thanks to EVERYONE who
We are VERY grateful!


No, the men in white coats were not trying to take us away at long last...

We were fortunate enough to visit the mesothelioma research team at St Bart's Cancer Institute on Friday.

It was a wonderful visit and we learnt about new discoveries and drugs being developed in the hope of either curing or managing mesothelioma in the future.

Thanks to the team for all the pioneering work they do under the direction of Peter Slozarek. Very kind of you to have us and most informative. Feel very motivated to keep up all our fundraising for much-needed research!

Total Merchandise -Totally Amazing!

Total Merchandise have donated the tote bags and pens for FREE for our ball!

We are absolutely thrilled with them and almost don't want to give them all away to ball attendees on the 4th October!

Pierre Cardin pens.

Thanks to all the team at Total Merchandise. You have been the loveliest team to deal with, and the bags and pens are wonderful.

Please, please can you share with those who have mesothelioma..?


We’re doing a film for the Erase Meso ball.. just a 5 minute short, but I need help from those who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma.

The aim of the film is to change perceptions/educate viewers on what mesothelioma is..

We aim to let viewers know that meso could affect them today and is no longer “an old white man’s disease”, but affects all colours and young women/teens too.

Our wonderful friend and filmmaker (Dan) is making a short film featuring meso-warriors simply saying their name, and that they have mesothelioma.

We will feature 10 people with meso interspersed with facts about meso that ball attendees/viewers will probably not know.. (eg The UK has the highest incidence of mesothelioma in the WORLD)

The film will end with a montage  of mesowarriors’ videos.

We want viewers to understand that this is no longer a rare or “old man’s disease” and that meso is not going away.. incidences of meso are rising..

If you have mesothelioma and would be happy to be featured, would you mind taking a minute out of your day to do this for us? We'd be incredibly grateful!

All you have to do is make a short video on your phone.

The more videos, the better.

So here's the main advice:

1) Hold phone camera in landscape mode. This is sideways, so it looks like a TV.

2) Have the strongest source of light shining in your face. This is to light you! Avoid filming with bright windows behind you.

3) Try to film somewhere quiet, and switch off any radios, music, etc.

As for the script, it should be spoken as clearly and naturally as possible:

"<Hi / Hello / Hey>,

<I'm / my name is / this is>


and I have Mesothelioma."

This is all you have to do..

If you can send your videos to we would be very grateful. We are hoping to make something that will be sensitive yet powerful and educational.. raising awareness of mesothelioma.

All proceeds from our ball go straight to meso research as we're run by volunteers. We will be posting the final video in October to our website and hopefully Mavis Nye will also share on her amazing open groups.

Obviously if people send in their videos they are agreeing to us using their footage.

We will try to use as many as possible.

We will be very grateful indeed, and handle very sensitively. Dan knows Paul's story very well and lost his father to cancer, so we know he will do an incredible job.

Thank you very much indeed x Please can you share this if you know someone who might be willing to help.


Gabriella Cilmi Lends her support!

We are over the moon that Guitar band DUO are playing our Erase Meso Ball Reception on October 4th!
This talented pair have been kind enough to donate their time pro-bono for mesothelioma research. We're in for an absolute treat!
See our Ball section for tix!

Ben Bruant and Will Cashel met and formed duo in 2011 while studying at the Royal Academy of Music in London.

Ben was born in Le Havre in France and studied at the renowned National Conservatory in Paris before moving to London. Will, born in Bath, England, won a scholarship to the Purcell School of Music at 14 before gaining a place at the Royal Northern College of Music.

Together the band has recorded three albums and performed its flamenco fusion of pop and classical tracks around the world – to audiences including British and European royalty and at events such as the Liverpool Philharmonic, BBC Good Food Festival and Smoked & Uncut. Its music has also featured on Scala Radio, the UK’s newest classical radio channel.

The band’s new album will be released this autumn. 








Le Domestique interviewed Erase Meso founders Paul and Jill Cook  last night.

The Podcast is now live and  can be found on the Apple Podcast app or for Android users on Soundcloud as linked below:

Apple Podcast




Thanks to...


..for sponsoring our Ball Reception. We couldn't have chosen a better venue..and incredibly kind team!

Dan King's 1st Triathlon

1500m Swim - 40km Bike - 10km Run !!

Hi all.
On August 4th I'll be attempting my first triathlon in Bewl for Erase Meso.

I'd be thrilled if you can sponsor me.
Thank you!


At Erase Meso HQ, designs for our Lands End to John o Groats cycling shirts are well underway..
Thanks to team member Martin W for organising.
Also HUGE thanks to Royds WIthy King specialist asbestos legal team for sponsoring. RWK have been incredibly supportive & we are very grateful.
Here's a sneak peak..!