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Over £40K Raised So Far..
Thank You All!!

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Cycle Challenge 2021

NC500 Cycling Challenge

The North Coast 500 is a 516-mile (830 km) route around the north coast of the Scottish highlands.

Scotland's North Coast 500 route is gaining a bit of a reputation for itself. Often touted as the Scottish equivalent to the USA's Route 66, it's a 500 mile loop, that takes you around the coastline of the Scottish highlands, taking in some of the country's best scenery and a good dose of demanding gradients!!  The challenge involves intensive training and resilience! The elevation and hills are horrendous for even the fittest athlete.

+3,892 m / -3,831 m.  (Yikes!!)

However, that's what our intrepid team of 4 cyclists (Tamsin Whipp, Ed Block, Nigel Shaddick and Paul Cook) are currently doing!

However, instead of 500 miles they are doing 550 miles.. and in only 6 days.

They started on Sunday 20th June and will complete the journey by Friday 25th.

Nigel and Paul both have #mesothelioma so if they manage to complete this challenge it will be a "record first" for 2 mesothelioma patients!! Following surgery to remove tumours in 2018, Paul only has 1.5 working lungs.

We understand most of you will have previously sponsored our team so please DO NOT feel compelled to donate again.. but could you share this page with others, please? That in itself is wonderful support! However, if you do so feel inclined.. it would be wonderful to raise some research funds and make their trip even more meaningful.

Thanks as always for your utterly incredible support!

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