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richard bath erase meso trustee mesothelioma UK charity

Richard Bath


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"The dreadful impact mesothelioma has on sufferers and loved ones became abundantly clear when my close friend Paul was diagnosed with the disease.  

My initial involvement with Erase Meso was based on this friendship, and it has been inspiring to experience the positive outlook of so many people impacted by mesothelioma and willingness of the community to support them.


I have a finance background and therefore am heavily involved in the numbers.   That aside, I particularly enjoyed overcoming the initial challenges in establishing EM and remain excited to focus on long term aim of raising both awareness and funds for research to cure mesothelioma"

Paul Cook founder of Erase Meso, mesothelioma research in the UK. Charity founder.

Paul Cook,


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"In 2017, I was diagnosed with pleural mesothelioma. At that time I was running a business, was fairly active nut then got pneumonia and my lung collapsed. I was then informed that I had terminal cancer. During various treatments including chemotherapy, surgery to remove the lining of my lung and radiotherapy I decided that, if I made it through, I would start a charity dedicated to find raising funds for research into a cure or at least maintenance of this terrible illness.


Since starting Erase Meso along with my wife, Jill and the other Trustees we have come into contact with some amazing people including mesowarriors, carers, supporters or people within the medical profession. We believe we can make a real difference as mesothelioma research is dreadfully underfunded.


My best moment so far was cycling over 900 miles across the UK last year. The support was incredible and so many people helped me get there. In 2020, I am excited that we will be making our first grant which will be the start of many!"

Paul is also Chair of #ActionMeso

Wayne O'Neil - Erase Meso mesothelioma UK charity

Wayne O'Neil


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"Knowing how important Erase Meso is to my good friend Paul, I was honoured being asked to be Trustee.

I see myself fulfilling a role very much in support of the work done by our wider team. I have a legal background so I tend to be involved in providing back-up support on the relationships with our business partners and suppliers.

I joined EM as I see this as an opportunity to have a direct effect on helping to eradicate a hideous disease and hopefully helping to provide hope to sufferers and the families of those Meso Warriors. The best experience that I have had (and the most moving) since becoming a Trustee of Erase Meso was listening to Jill Cook deliver her heartfelt speech at our Inaugural EM Charity Ball; though there are many, many other experiences close behind that one"

jill Cook founder of Erase Meso, a UK mesothelioma research charity.

Jill Cook

Co-Founder & Marketing

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Jill runs a small branding and website building business. Her event management skills have definitely been tested in recent Erase Meso events..and she is designer for the ActionMeso working group.

Jill and Paul have made it their ambition to change the world of mesothelioma research .. and fund a cure.. or at least a way of managing meso. 

Jill is also author of

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