Dear Supporter


Some time ago we put the London to Brighton Bike Ride Erase Meso sign-up on hold. We did so whilst we (and the country) learned about and how to deal with Covid-19 and how to best protect ourselves and our loved ones. Many of our supporters are in fact classified as “high risk” and some have been shielding their loved ones. We realise that this crazy time is not over yet and the risks, whilst beginning to come under control, have not disappeared sufficiently for us to feel comfortable about pushing forward with the bike ride.


We understand that the organisers, Skyline, currently intend on holding the event in September.


Despite the event currently going ahead as planned, the team here at Erase Meso has, in the interests of safety of our supporters and beneficiaries coupled with our desire to make the Erase Meso bike ride a massive success, decided to postpone our entry into the 2020 London to Brighton Bike Ride. We have decided to defer our entry to next year. Skyline has been very supportive of us at this time and in coming to this decision. We feel that this will enable us to better plan for the 2021 event and ensure that you and all of our supporters will be safe.

We wish Skyline and all 2020 London to Brighton Bike Rider participants huge success and continued health. We are sure that the 2020 bike ride will be great fun and deliver great rewards to all stakeholders.

If you have signed up to the bike ride (using our promo code) or did so using our facilities, please contact Richard here and we would be happy to discuss ways to return your deposit or rolling it over to next year.

Of course, if the ride goes ahead and you want to raise money for Erase Meso, please feel free to do so and we would welcome any monies raised being donated to the charity. If you are intending to participate in the ride and wish to know how to donate to Erase Meso, please contact us here


As always, we want to say thank-you for your support and continued interest in Erase Meso.


All the best.


The Erase Meso Team




Is someone you care about suffering from asbestos cancer?? Do you work in the asbestos removal industry and want to give back? Are you a lawyer fighting for meso patients? Are you a medical professional who cares about erasing terminal mesothelioma? Did you lose a parent, friend or grandparent to mesothelioma and want to fund a future cure in their honour? Are you a parent concerned about asbestos in schools and want to raise awareness? Are you concerned for our environment?

There are so many reasons to support Erase Meso.

5000 people should NOT die a year in the UK because there is no money for research.. Mesothelioma is preventable if there is awareness and we are working hard to do that and find a cure/way of managing this dreadful cancer.

We are run by volunteers so we NEED YOUR HELP and funds. Last year 15 amateurs (including 2 meso-warriors!) cycled Lands End to John o Groats.

This challenge is 54 miles from London to Brighton - MUCH easier! It's a chance to join us on an epic day.. and get fit!

Please join us in 2021.

Lots of fun, lots of banter.. and you get to challenge yourself ...not to mention our party at the end!!


Thank you.



The London to Brighton Cycle Ride is an iconic 55 mile cycle ride starting from Clapham Common in South London, to the seaside town of Brighton.

The ride will start from Clapham Common South side, Balham Hill, London, SW12 9DU. You will be able to set off anytime between 06:30-09:00.

The route will finish at the Brighton Seafront on Madeira Drive, close to the Marina.

The date has yet to be released for 2021.

It costs £55 per person. However please use our discount code *ERASE10 to take £10 off the price. The £45 includes a free Erase Meso cycling technical shirt, a fully supported ride and a fantastic lunch at the half way point not to mention that we’ll be waiting with your medal at the finish on the sea front in Brighton!

The minimum age for participants is 16. Those under 18 will need a letter of parental consent. Please contact our team to get a consent form or simply send a signed letter of consent to our team.

The route will be available on Strava. You’ll be able to download this once you have signed up. The route will also be signed on the day with brightly coloured arrows from the start to the finish which you can follow if you prefer.

The route is entirely on road so please ensure your bike is suitable for this. Whilst using a mountain bike is possible, they are heavier and it would be more challenging! We recommend using a light weight road bike, or hybrid bike. It is also advisable that you have your bike serviced before the ride and ensure it is in good condition. Please bring a puncture repair kit with you and any spare parts you think you may need.

The London to Brighton Cycle Ride is challenging but achievable. In order to maximise your enjoyment you do need to train and get out on your bike before the ride!We will have friendly mechanics at the water stops, lunch stop and roaming along the route to help out with any difficulties you have during the ride. Please bring a puncture repair kit with you and any spare parts you think you may need to ensure as smooth a ride as possible.

The route is clearly waymarked by directional event arrows. Please follow these at all times but do not panic if you haven’t seen one in a while! They are put on all turns, and along straight roads for reassurance. We strongly recommend downloading the Strava link so you can have it on your devise should you need it.  If you find yourself lost please call the contact phone number on the front of your bike number.

There will be a full support crew as well as medics and mechanics should you need assistance please call the contact number on the front of your bike number. If for any reason you need to retire from the ride you must inform a member of the support crew.

You will receive a FREE buffet lunch of hot and cold food at our lunch stop at Tulley’s Farm, Turner’s Hill. This is at the 30 mile mark for you to get your energy levels up for the remainder of the ride. Please note that lunch will finish at 14:30.

Free water stops are in three locations on the route with friendly skyline staff positioned at around 10 miles, 17 miles and at the top of the infamous Ditchling Hill at 45 miles. There will be portable toilets at the water stops, lunch stop, and at the finish in Brighton.

Use discount code *ERASE10 when signing up to pay £45 entry fee.

When you join Team Erase Meso you'll receive:

  • Free technical Erase Meso cycling jersey

  • Digital welcome pack full of tips,

advice and fundraising materials

  • Access to professional training plans

  • Free buffet lunch, which takes place at 29 miles

in the picturesque village of Turners Hill. Eat as

much as you like, from our delicious pastas to our famous carrot cake!

  • Free water stops, which occur at 21 miles in the morning and 46 miles in the afternoon at the top of Ditchling Beacon – a well-deserved rest and refresh

  • Full mechanical support. We have four stationary mechanic points (at the start, at the morning and afternoon water points, and at lunch), but if you're unlucky enough to experience difficulties in between those points, there are also roaming mechanics

  • Fully signposted route, so there's no need for you to be looking at a map. You can keep your eyes on the road and enjoy the wonderful surrounding countryside

  • Support from Erase Meso Lands End to John O Groats Cycling team

  • Party in the pub at Brighton!!!!!